Author: M Baum
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I must say how honoured I am to have been given this task. There are so many other people in this audience who could have spoken about the history, development and contemporary use of tamoxifen just as well, if not better, than myself. No talk about tamoxifen should begin without acknowledging the pioneering work of Arthur Walpole who synthesised the molecule in 1963 (Harper & Walpole 1966). Sadly he died long before its clinical importance could begin to be appreciated. As most of you know, it was developed originally as a contraceptive agent but was found paradoxically to act as a fertility drug acting, via its anti-oestrogenic properties, on the hypothalamus. Its agonistic as well as antagonistic properties continue to cause argument about how to classify its action. As far as the biochemists are concerned it is a tri-phenyl ethyline derivative with a potent hydroxylated metabolite (Fromson et al. 1973


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