Mini Reviews in Endocrine-Related Cancer


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Endocrine-Related Cancer is proud to publish the latest in high quality work across all aspects of the field, however we understand that in some cases, emerging themes may not yet be suitable for a full review article. Endocrine-Related Cancer has therefore launched a series of Mini Reviews. These concise, informative articles will be no more than 3000 words in length, with limited references and figures and be accompanied by graphical abstract where possible.

Two key themes of mini review are currently being commissioned, however we welcome suggestions from all area of the field:

  • Technology – this collection will focus on new concepts, technology or technical applications, such as organoids on a chip etc.
  • Translational science – this collection will focus on outlining the importance of translational research to our clinical community. These articles may be written in response to high impact research published elsewhere, where a clinical impact may be significant.

If you are interested in contributing a mini review to Endocrine-Related Cancer, please submit a full article proposal to, or include within the cover letter of your submission.


Articles published within the special collection:



Percutaneous ablation of low-risk papillary thyroid cancer
R Michael Tuttle, Duan Li and Fourat Ridouani



Prognostic value of the Weiss and Wieneke (AFIP) scoring systems in pediatric ACC – a mini review
Maria Riedmeier, Lester D R Thompson, Carlos Augusto Fernandes Molina, Boris Decarolis, Christoph Härtel, Paul-G Schlegel, Martin Fassnacht, and Verena Wiegering


WHO 2022 guidelines

This collection of four mini reviews aims to address various changes outlined in the 2022 WHO guideline on Endocrine tumour classification.

The World Health Organization classifications of pituitary neuroendocrine tumours: a clinico-pathological appraisal
Chiara Villa, Bertrand Baussart, Guillaume Assié, Gerald Raverot and Federico Roncaroli

The 2022 WHO classification of thyroid tumors: novel concepts in nomenclature and grading
C Christofer Juhlin, Ozgur Mete, and Zubair W Baloch