Editorial board disclosure policy

Endocrine-Related Cancer Disclosure Policy

(Last updated February 2018)
All editors responsible for recommending or making publication decisions are requested to disclose on an annual basis any potential conflict of interest, including current or recent financial relationships with any commercial entity whose products or services may be contained in the journal content.
The following competing interests were disclosed:
Dr Judith Favier - Received research grants from the European commission (Horizon 2020), the French foundation ‘la Ligue contre le cancer’, the Paradifference foundation and the french national cancer institute (Inca). Employee from Inserm (national institute for health and medical research).
Prof. Wouter de Herder – Received research grants from Ipsen and Novartis, Received speakers fees from Ipsen, Pfizer and Novartis.
Dr Robert Clarke – Advisory position with American Gene Technology, Inc, Rockville, MD, USA.
Dr Deborah Marsh - Australian Patent No. 2010241416 titled “Cancer Biomarkers” published 6th September, 2012 (Marsh and Hahn) (no royalties received).
Prof. Chris J McCabe – is current Chair of the Wellcome Trust Basic Science Interview Committee
Dr Joanne Ngeow – Has received research funding from Astra Zeneca.
Dr Frank Weber - Has received lecture support from Sanofi – Aventis, and IPSEN. Dr Weber has also received non-financial support from IPSEN.
Dr Nelson Wohllk – has received monies for services rendered from the following funding bodies: Novartis, Merck Serono, Teva. Dr Wohllk has also received non-financial support from Sanofi, Merck Serono.
The following editors reported no competing interests:
  • Prof Charis Eng
  • Dr. Paramita Ghosh
  • Prof. Antonio Di Cristofano
  • Dr Kokichi Sugano
Bioscientifica staff and freelancers working on the journal reported no conflicts of interest. Article authors' declarations are stated in each journal article. Referees must disclose any competing interests before agreeing to review any submission. For more information on the journal’s ethical policy, please read the ethical guidelines.