Themed Collection: Growth Hormone in Endocrine Cancers


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Endocrine-Related Cancer is pleased to announce a themed collection entitled Growth Hormone in Endocrine Cancers. As early as the 1950 the involvement of Growth Hormone (GH) in cancer was reported and articles continue to appear in this area. More recently the GH/IGF-1 axis has become more prominent as to its role in several types of cancers. Also, compounds that inhibit IGF-1 action (specific monoclonal antibodies and intracellular signalling inhibitors) have been, or are being, evaluated in clinical trials. Recent publications suggesting inhibition of GH action alone or in combination with chemotherapies have generated impressive results related to tumour growth.

This collection will highlight the involvement of Growth Hormone in a variety of cancers, with experts commenting on the latest research related to the mechanism(s) whereby GH influences cancer growth, the combination of GH antagonists and chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer, the effect of diet on cancer, GH’s autocrine/paracrine/endocrine action and cancer, as well as several other current topics.

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Collection Editor:

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Professor John Kopchick, Guest Editor
Edison Biotechnology Institute &
Heritage College of Medicine
Ohio University, USA