100 years of Insulin and Glucagon


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Endocrine-Related Cancer is pleased to announce a themed collection entitled: 100 years of Insulin and Glucagon, celebrating the discovery of Insulin in 1922 and Glucagon in 1923 and dedicated to hyperplasias and neoplasias associated with the hypersecretion of these two hormones, or associated with pathway defects in the synthesis or secretion of either one of these two hormones. Apart from glucagonomas and insulinomas, several other disorders are associated with the increased secretion of either one of these two hormones, like insulinomatosis, nesidioblastosis and glucagonomatosis.

This collection will highlight the developments in the field of insulinomas, glucagonomas and other disorders and hyperplasias and neoplasias associated with the hypersecretion of these two hormones.

If you are interested in contributing an original research article to this collection, please submit your article proposal to erc@bioscientifica.com.


Articles published within the special collection:


One hundred years after the discovery of insulin and glucagon: the history of tumors and hyperplasias that hypersecrete these hormones
Wouter W de Herder and Günter Klöppel

Glucagon cell hyperplasia and neoplasia: a recently recognized endocrine receptor disease
Bence Sipos and Günter Klöppel

Aggressive versus indolent insulinomas: new clinicopathological insights
Wenzel M Hackeng, Lodewijk A A Brosens and Koen M A Dreijerink

Interventional vs surgical procedures in localized/nonmetastatic insulinomas (ablation vs surgery)
Alaa Sada, Travis J McKenzie, Adrian Vella, Michael J Levy and Thorvardur R Halfdanarson

Insulinomatosis: new aspects
Emanuel Christ, Donato Iacovazzo, Márta Korbonits and Aurel Perren

Emerging therapies for advanced insulinomas and glucagonomas
Krystallenia I Alexandraki, Gregory A Kaltsas and Simona Grozinsky-Glasberg

Pathological features in non-neoplastic congenital and adult hyperinsulinism: from nesidioblastosis to current terminology and understanding
Christine Sempoux and Günter Klöppel




Collection Editors

Günter Klöppel
Emeritus Professor and Consultant of Pancreatic and Endocrine Tumours,
Department of Pathology,
Technical University of Munich,

Wouter de Herder
Professor of Endocrine Oncology,
Erasmus MC,