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Endocrine-Related Cancer publishes basic, translational and clinical research and reviews on the interplay between hormones and cancer, and related topics. In response to the broad scope of the journal, the editorial team have decided to create a series of special collections, bringing together the latest published content on a specific type of article or topic from the journal.


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Emerging Leaders 2025

This collection highlights the breadth and quality of research being undertaken in the endocrine cancer field by truly exceptional early-career researchers.


RET@Thirty: Three Decades of Remarkable Progress

This collection aims to celebrate and explore the astonishing accumulation of knowledge about RET since its discovery in 1993.


Top-Cited Articles in 2023

Explore this collection of the top-cited research articles and reviews in 2023.


100 years of Insulin and Glucagon

This collection celebrates the discovery of Insulin in 1922 and Glucagon in 1923, and is dedicated to hyperplasias and neoplasias associated with the hypersecretion of these two hormones, or associated with pathway defects in the synthesis or secretion of either one of these two hormones.


Systems biology approaches in hormone dependent cancer research: what a long strange trip it’s been

This collection will highlight where both bottom-up predicative modelling and top-down integrative approaches are revealing insights into well-known hormone signalling systems, such as those of steroid hormone signalling in breast and prostate cancers.


Mini Reviews in Endocrine Related Cancer

This series includes concise, informative articles on the topics of technology, translational science and the WHO 2022 guidelines on endocrine tumour classification.


100 Years of the Warburg Effect and Endocrine Cancer

This collection highlights the involvement of the Warburg Effect in Endocrine Cancer, and how this initial observation as impacted on our understanding of cancer metabolism and ultimately treatment.


Growth Hormone in Endocrine Cancers

This collection will highlight the involvement of Growth Hormone in a variety of cancers, with experts commenting on the latest research related to the mechanism(s) whereby GH influences cancer growth, the combination of GH antagonists and chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer, the effect of diet on cancer, GH’s autocrine/paracrine/endocrine action and cancer, as well as several other current topics.


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Advances and future directions in pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma

This collection will highlight the most recent advances and perspectives of the pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma research field, with renown experts commenting on the latest research related to genetics, metabolomics, nuclear medicine, preclinical models and mitochondrial dysfunction.