Special issues

Endocrine-Related Cancer publishes regular anniversary issues to mark the most significant historical advances in the field. These contain an editorial from the invited guest editor(s) and a collection of thematic reviews.

These special issues will be collated below as they are published:

  • 65 Years of the Double Helix (August 2018). Guest edited by William D Foulkes, Jérôme Bertherat, and Ilene Sussman.
  • 25 Years of RET and MEN 2 (February 2018). Guest edited by Serisha Moodley, Frank Weber, and Lois M Mulligan.
  • Immunotherapy and cancer (December 2017). Guest edited by Joanne Y Y Ngeow and Laura S Ward
  • 20 Years of MEN 1 (October 2017). Guest edited by Frank Weber and Lois M Mulligan.
  • Contemporary perspectives in hormone-dependent cancers (December 2016). Guest edited by Wayne D Tilley.
  • Celebrating women in cancer research (November 2016). Guest edited Deborah J Marsh and Charis Eng.
  • 20 Years of BRCA1 and 2 (October 2016). Guest edited by William D Foulkes and Kokichi Sugano.
  • Thematic reviews on stem cells and cancer (December 2015). Guest edited by Dean G Tang.
  • 15 Years of Paraganglioma (August 2015). Guest edited by Hartmut P H Neumann and Wouter de Herder.
  • Thematic reviews on ubiquitination and cancer (February 2015). Guest edited by Deborah J Marsh.
  • New concepts and challenges in thyroid cancer (October 2014). Guest edited by Laura Sterian Ward.
  • Thematic reviews on androgens and the AR in breast and prostate cancer (August 2014). Guest edited by Frank Claessens and Wayne Tilley.
  • Thematic reviews on endocrine disruptors and cancer (April 2014). Guest edited by Gail P Risbridger.