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Jue Shi and Timothy J Mitchison

choices between alternative cell fates has been much studied across biology, most recently using single-cell analysis. Some decisions, such as a gene turning on or off, depend on two states of the same biochemical circuit. For choosing different fates

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Yoko Katsuki and Minoru Takata

the BLM helicase complex (without crossover) ( Wu & Hickson 2003 ). For more complete discussion of HR mechanisms such as their relationship with competing NHEJ (the pathway choice) or Holliday junction resolvases, readers should refer to the recent

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Valeria Coppola, Ruggero De Maria, and Désirée Bonci

). At present, the choice of the best treatment for clinically localized prostate cancer is not trivial, because radical surgery and radiotherapy do not offer a clear survival advantage in some patients, and treatment often results in a worse quality of

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Carolyn A Allan, Veronica R Collins, Mark Frydenberg, Robert I McLachlan, and Kati L Matthiesson

life issue. The first step in treatment is to explain to the patient that loss of sexual function is a common side effect resulting from ADT. For those wishing to pursue options, the PDE-5 inhibitors are the medication of first choice. However, it must

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John W Cassidy, Ankita S Batra, Wendy Greenwood, and Alejandra Bruna

-specific phenotypes and those that resemble human malignancies ( Cardiff et al. 2000 ). The choice of gene promoter and the mechanism of induction greatly influence the histological phenotype of the resulting tumour, and this needs to be taken into consideration for

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Subing Cao, Yang Zhan, and Yan Dong

-1-0317 and W81XWH-14-1-0485 and National Natural Science Foundation of China Projects 81272851 and 81430087. This paper is part of a thematic review section on hormone-dependent cancers. The Guest Editor for this section was Wayne Tiley

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Sock Hoai Chan and Joanne Ngeow

. This paper forms part of a special section on 50 Years of Tubulin. The Guest Editors for this section were Karen Crasta and Ritu Aneja. References Alberici P de Pater E Cardoso J Bevelander M Molenaar L Jonkers J Fodde

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Bruno M Simões, Denis G Alferez, Sacha J Howell, and Robert B Clarke

biosynthesis ( Mokbel 2002 ). Tamoxifen and AIs are the endocrine therapies of choice in the adjuvant treatment of premenopausal and postmenopausal women respectively ( Beelen et al . 2012 ). These and other anti-estrogens, such as the SERD fulvestrant, which

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S M Sadowski, G Cadiot, E Dansin, P Goudet, and F Triponez

modality for the detection of liver metastases ( d’Assignies et al . 2013 ). Gallium-68 DOTATOC PET/CT may become the technique of choice in the future; however, this has not yet been evaluated correctly ( Froeling et al . 2012 ). Peculiarities of

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Robert Clarke, John J Tyson, Ming Tan, William T Baumann, Lu Jin, Jianhua Xuan, and Yue Wang

network within the cell) functions ( Clarke et al. 2011 ). An example of the classification task would be the use of gene expression data from a patient’s tumor to predict the patient’s prognosis and/or to determine the best choice of treatment. Among