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Frances Collins, Nozomi Itani, Arantza Esnal-Zufiaurre, Douglas A Gibson, Carol Fitzgerald, and Philippa T K Saunders

endometrium ( Gibson & Saunders 2012 , Gibson et al. 2013 ). After menopause synthesis of oestrogens in non-ovarian sites such as adipose tissue predominates but expression of oestrogen biosynthetic enzymes including CYP19A1, HSD17B1 and sulphatase within

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Douglas A Gibson, Ioannis Simitsidellis, Frances Collins, and Philippa T K Saunders

oestrogen-only hormone replacement therapy (HRT) use; however, these rates were reduced following the inclusion of progestins in HRT formulations that significantly decrease risk of EC due to the anti-proliferative effects of progestins on the endometrium

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S C J P Gielen, L C M Kühne, P C Ewing, L J Blok, and C W Burger

treatment with tamoxifen appears to be its proliferative effect on the endometrium (oestrogen-agonistic effect; Buzdar 1998 , Bergman et al . 2000 ). Several studies have evaluated the incidence of endometrial pathologies in tamoxifen users, and although

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Sumie Kato, Anil Sadarangani, Soledad Lange, Manuel Villalón, Jorge Brañes, Jan J Brosens, Gareth I Owen, and Mauricio Cuello

/or unique behaviour. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of oestrogen metabolites on the oestrogen-responsive normal and cancerous human endometrium and on other reproductive target tissues. Herein, we demonstrate that endometrial and

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A Tsigginou, E Bimpaki, M Nesterova, A Horvath, S Boikos, C Lyssikatos, C Papageorgiou, C Dimitrakakis, A Rodolakis, C A Stratakis, and A Antsaklis

Gynecology, Athens University Medical School, Alexandra Hospital, Athens, Greece, between 2006 and 2007. In 27 of the 81 patients, tissue from the surrounding endometrium was available; these samples were histologically normal. Normal endometrial tissue was

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A Coopes, C E Henry, E Llamosas, and C E Ford

pathways involved in homeostasis of the endometrium and various pathologies, and two recent reviews have examined Wnt inhibitors in pre-clinical settings but with limited discussion of implications for endometrial cancer ( Eritja et al . 2017 , Katoh

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Oliver Zierau, Jacintha O’Sullivan, Colm Morrissey, Dana McDonald, Winfried Wünsche, Martin R Schneider, Martin P Tenniswood, and Günter Vollmer

Introduction The endometrium is a major target organ of the ovarian sex steroid hormones, estradiol and progesterone, which mediate diverse physiological functions via interaction with their cognate nuclear receptors ( Flototto et

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Carlo Saccardi, Salvatore Gizzo, Tito Silvio Patrelli, Emanuele Ancona, Omar Anis, Stefania Di Gangi, Antonio Vacilotto, Donato D'Antona, and Giovanni Battista Nardelli

role, timing and indications for endometrial hysteroscopic investigation in TAM-treated patients in relation to the clinical, sonographic and histological features of the endometrium. Materials and methods We performed an observational longitudinal

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Emma Rewcastle, Anne Elin Varhaugvik, Einar Gudlaugsson, Anita Steinbakk, Ivar Skaland, Bianca van Diermen, Jan P Baak, and Emiel A M Janssen

immunohistochemical studies have shown that loss of expression of both PTEN and PAX2 increases from normal endometrium to endometrial hyperplasia to EEC ( Mutter et al . 2000 , Baak et al . 2005 b , Monte et al . 2010 , Pavlakis et al . 2010 , Allison et al

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Helen Gharwan, Kristen P Bunch, and Christina M Annunziata

from embryologic development EOCs are traditionally classified into histologic subtypes based on morphological and functional features, and the tissues they mimic: serous (FT epithelium), endometrioid (proliferative endometrium), clear cell