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P M Harari

. They include mitogenesis, apoptosis, altered cellular motility, protein secretion and differentiation or dedifferentiation ( Wells 1999 ). EGFR — significance in oncology Activation of the EGFR stimulates tumor growth and

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Paul Carter, Leia Smith and Maureen Ryan

review major alternative strategies for the identification of tumor-associated cell surface antigens and the validation of their suitability for antibody targeting in oncology, including antibody generation and screening for in vitro and in vivo anti

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Naima Abidi and Dimitris P Xirodimas

Opinion in Structural Biology 21 257 – 264 . ( doi:10.1016/ ). Duncan K Schafer G Vava A Parker MI Zerbini LF 2012 Targeting neddylation in cancer therapy . Future Oncology 8 1461 – 1470 . ( doi:10.2217/fon.12

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Claudia Bozza, Fabio Puglisi, Matteo Lambertini, Etin-Osa Osa, Massimo Manno and Lucia Del Mastro

fertility in survivors after Hodgkin lymphoma treatment within the German Hodgkin study group HD13 to HD15 trials . Journal of Clinical Oncology 31 231 – 239 . ( doi:10.1200/JCO.2012.44.3721 ). Bentzen JG Forman JL Pinborg A Lidegaard Ø Larsen EC Friis

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Marjory Alana Marcello, Lucas Leite Cunha, Fernando Assis Batista and Laura Sterian Ward

cells . Oncology Reports 23 1721 – 1727 . ( doi:10.3892/or_00000817 ). Cheng SP Chi CW Tzen CY Yang TL Lee JJ Liu TP Liu CL 2010b Clinicopathologic significance of leptin and leptin receptor expressions in papillary thyroid

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Sandra Rodríguez-Rodero, Elías Delgado-Álvarez, Agustín F Fernández, Juan L Fernández-Morera, Edelmiro Menéndez-Torre and Mario F Fraga

process is carried out by histone demethylases ( Li et al . 2012 ). Epigenetic alterations in tumors of the endocrine system In the last 20 years, advances in the field of endocrine oncology have enabled the genetic basis of some hereditary endocrine

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Maho Shibata and Michael M Shen

). Goldstein AS Stoyanova T Witte ON 2010b Primitive origins of prostate cancer: in vivo evidence for prostate-regenerating cells and prostate cancer-initiating cells . Molecular Oncology 4 385 – 396 . ( doi:10.1016/j.molonc.2010.06.009 ). Goto

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Valtter B Virtanen, Eero Pukkala, Reetta Kivisaari, Perttu P Salo, Antti Koivusalo, Johanna Arola, Päivi J Miettinen, Risto J Rintala, Markus Perola and Mikko P Pakarinen

. ( doi:10.1016/j.jpedsurg.2005.03.031 ). Eng C 1999 RET proto-oncogene in the development of human cancer . Journal of Clinical Oncology 17 380 – 393 . Erlic Z Hoffmann MM Sullivan M Franke G Peczkowska M Harsch I Schott M Gabbert

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Vasily N Aushev, Kalpana Gopalakrishnan, Susan L Teitelbaum, Humberto Parada Jr, Regina M Santella, Marilie D Gammon and Jia Chen

Fauron C He X Hu Z , et al . 2009 Supervised risk predictor of breast cancer based on intrinsic subtypes . Journal of Clinical Oncology 1160 – 1167 . ( ) Pugazhendhi D Pope GS Darbre PD 2005

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Xinyu Wu, Shiaoching Gong, Pradip Roy-Burman, Peng Lee and Zoran Culig

, LNCaP, in nude mice . Prostate 22 109 – 118 . ( doi:10.1002/pros.2990220203 ). Loberg RD St John LN Day LL Neeley CK Pienta KJ 2006 Development of the VCaP androgen-independent model of prostate cancer . Urologic Oncology 24 161